United States vs. China   Which country\\\'s army would merge victorious in a face-off?

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ShepetivkRah RU Observer (1 year 7 months ago)

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American US Voted for United States United States (2 years 1 month ago)

Freedom and justice will triumph in the end, just as it always has!

Marikma UA Observer (3 years 21 days ago)

а 180 мерседес - Поэтому я рекомендую русскоязыч ных ребят. С ними меньше будет недопонима ния. маш

Endia Means End of India PK Observer (3 years 3 months ago)

Pakistan has its own culture, We are fighting in equal level. These endian piggies will never understand what is truth! They are blinded! India Pakistan Bangladesh, All lands are just for MusliMs bcoz MuslIMS Rulers occupied theM. there is no indian ruler in india in old tiMes. Indians are just Minority. India is part of Pakistan. Their fake pissant God Bhagvaan Mata hindu Krishna BalRaaM all are fake toys of clay. We can crush you easily, Lol at you stupid endian army pig army

Indian army2 Observer (3 years 3 months ago)

You already know endia means end of pakistan..You terrorist country. The land of pak is our but pakistani not our they are terrorist minded..Allha is tereorist leader..You say victory of truth but u terrorist paki it is symbel of ancient Bhaarat ..So we are first..then you

@Stupid endian, flush of endia PK Observer (3 years 3 months ago)

ALLAH is Great, Americans! What are Americans! They are just piggies USA, u endia arMy! U worships a toy of clay, why your God bhagvaan did not talk to you? Allah is one, THE Great and Victory of Pakistan , Victory of Truth. PAK is in the heart of Rightous. PAK Brave Forever!!! Pakistan Zindabad, Endian Murdaaabad.......... .................... .....

Indian army Observer (3 years 3 months ago)

what go and see wiki?? You are looooseer i am not saying this..world know who is winner?? Forget kashmir..if u want kashmir ready to war again ..it is ur dare to dream ..yu ar Terrorist pak trrorist...Allaha f%%k by christan America in syria..allha terrorist haha wher is allha..it is lady..i want to ffck allha via net or bluetooth..

@Stupid Indian PK Observer (3 years 3 months ago)

We defeated india in 1947, 1965, 1999 [Kargil] wars. India Should die with full of shaMe. We are braves and no one can say us anything inappropriative. lols, u indians know that ALLAH is with PAKISTAN. your fake Gods Bhagvaans are just the toys of clay. And KashMIre Will be ours, All world knows. And give the right of khalisthan to sikhhss. u cannot do anything but just barking here

Indian army Observer (3 years 3 months ago)

You paki don't forget war of 1965.In that time our supporter is only Soviet union.. pak with your allies United state,iran,indonesia ,china,Afgan,Austral ia ,Arab state help you. But finally you defeat..paki are looser.Lahore over run by indian army.But United state support pakistan now day and paki not support united state .Ha ha ..US may be not support us.but we love america..

Indian army Observer (3 years 3 months ago)

You paki looser .India is not terrorist state ..You and your muslim arab world are terrorist.They Some time fight with Siaa and sunni,good christian,Hindu,Jews and other..Truth is always Bitter.Victory of india means victory of truth..Allah with us God with us..Jaya hind.

PAKISTAN_TIGER PK Voted for China China (3 years 4 months ago)

Hy Indian Army shut your Mouth lols , Americans r bastards and u indians r supporter of them. U 2 countries r terrorists and all terrorists came from india one night 1988. u indian supports terrorists. We Pakistanis are the best. China is our best friend. Huh u indians Jealous Nation :)

Indian army Observer (3 years 4 months ago)

Hello Pakistani US is not tertorist country..See your house.. and India..... victory of truth victory of india..Loooooser pakistani ..Alha bless you..haaa haa..Long life US ..short life china supporter of N.korea and Paki..

Johnny BS Voted for United States United States (3 years 7 months ago)

USA > China anyday.

RIFAD LK Voted for United States United States (3 years 7 months ago)

American's are not against to Muslim. they are like Islam.look at USA president he also Muslim.

Cheenu IN Voted for United States United States (3 years 8 months ago)

America is better than China. And that Pakistani Monk who said that America is a first terrorist country and Second is India. Firstly, see yourself, I Think you forgot about your Peshawar Army School attack. America is not terrorist country. It's Pakistan and Afghanistan and other Islamic countries.

Dylan US Voted for United States United States (3 years 11 months ago)

We need to take out China and its puppets (North Korea, Pakistan, etc.)

Indo-Jap JP Voted for United States United States (4 years 7 days ago)


Zafarullah Mazari PK Observer (4 years 2 months ago)

China iz a biggest and lover country but if we talk about USA so it iz terrorist country and india iz second terrorist in the world so i lv China

Rohit Observer (4 years 2 months ago)

America Rocks man...:) indians with u america

Usman GB Voted for China China (4 years 5 months ago)

Higher than Himalayas deeper than ocean!!! Long live Pakistan china friendship. Death to United snakes of America

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